BeWave and Inventory Automation: A Revolution in Hot Dog Management

At BeWave, we like to learn from others in order to evolve and improve… even when it comes to making the best hot dogs in the world! That’s exactly what happened when a new client renowned for its hot dog meats, charcuterie and sausages called on our team to develop a solution to more effectively manage its inventory and daily warehouse operations. Naturally, we couldn’t pass up such a great opportunity to get the company some tips on how to make our meals on the go a success!

The Challenge: An Integrated Solution for Quality Meats

Having mastered the art of preparing the perfect sandwich, this client turned to BeWave to help them automate the inventory system, with an interface that transmits information to their Sage X3 API management system. The challenge was to integrate the organization’s various systems into a single, centralized database solution, enabling it to maximize efficiency and profitability at every stage of its operations.

The BeWave Strategy: Understand, Integrate and Optimize

With warehouse operations at the heart of this project, it was agreed from the outset that the client would be responsible for sourcing the handheld barcode scanners needed to record all inventory movements in real time… or enough time to shout “all dressed “! For its part, BeWave would use its expertise to develop secure, robust mobile interfaces enabling any scanner to communicate directly with the company’s web service to manage data collection.

True to the philosophy that has forged its reputation, BeWave first made sure to question and fully understand the client’s reality, its existing systems and available R&D tools, while adapting to the level of knowledge of in-house teams who were well versed in the world of the Web. Above all, the aim was to accompany and facilitate the client’s journey throughout the implementation of this new system, and to adapt to their most precise needs, in a highly collaborative environment.

Mobile Interfaces for Greater Efficiency

Various options were presented to the customer to enable him to achieve his goal, particularly with regard to the choice of operating system (Android or Windows CE). BeWave also strongly suggested the use of an Open Source Web Application that could connect to Wi-Fi via a central server. In this way, all the devices would be linked together and could record information efficiently. As an added bonus, opting for this formula would make the choice of barcode readers much simpler.

A Collaboration for the Future

Of course, BeWave wasn’t just going to design an innovative technological solution and then leave the client to his own devices. Taking the team’s skills into consideration, BeWave made sure to choose a familiar environment and settled on Microsoft dot net and C#. As soon as the project was delivered, the technology specialists were equipped to continue developing the platform in-house and make any necessary adjustments, in a language they had already mastered. In addition to making employees’ work easier, this approach will enable the company to save significant sums in the future, as its needs evolve.

Celebrating Victories with a Hot Dog

In less than three months, the barcode scanners had been purchased, the web service fully implemented, and the warehouse was operating at full capacity with real-time inventory tracking, sausage by sausage! All that remained was for the BeWave team to celebrate this latest success around the grill, enjoying a delicious hot dog prepared by putting into practice the invaluable advice of the meat and charcuterie pros!