Innovation and Collaboration: BeWave's journey into Disability Insurance Technology

Doing business with BeWave means having the “insurance” of a partner on the cutting edge of the latest trends and technological advances. That’s probably why a company in the insurance industry turned to us when the time came to create new disability insurance case management software.

Introducing BeWave Collaboration for an Advanced Insurance Solution

Sensing potential in the market, this company wanted to expand its service offering by developing a new disability insurance case management software and adding value to it for resale to its own customers. Wanting to surround itself with trusted partners renowned for their “openness” and “ensuring” themselves “on top” of having results that lived up to their expectations, the company spontaneously turned to BeWave for this project! On the one hand, BeWave’s team of specialists had repeatedly demonstrated their ability to design Web technologies that would contribute to the success of a new product. On the other hand, the customer had neither the time, nor the in-house resources, nor sufficient mastery of the Web to stay ahead of the curve, stand out from the competition and conquer a new market on its own. There were, however, a number of challenges. Firstly, this technological solution had to be able to handle files from start to finish, from the claim to the payment of claims. The system also had to be accessible to everyone working on customer files, which meant that documents had to be editable online and in real time (adding notes, documents, etc.).

The AWS Cloud and Big Data Approach: Benefits and Impacts

Working closely with the heads of the customer’s various departments, BeWave quickly set to work equipping its partner with innovative technological tools that reflected its image. After numerous exchanges and in-depth analyses of what was already available on the market, the solution chosen, accessible in the AWS (Amazon Web Service) Cloud, is in line with the new Big Data trend. With a number of advantages, including reduced costs, improved customer experience, real-time feedback and optimized marketing strategies, this was a sensible and fair choice. A modern, high-performance application was then designed, adopting Google’s Material Design user philosophy, which consists in creating a pleasant, practical, fluid interface that is easy for its users to handle. Like Google Docs, this platform also enables several people to work simultaneously on the same document, for optimal communication.

Technological Revolution in the Insurance Industry: The Impact of BeWave ‘s New Software

As soon as the first version of BeWave’s technological solution was unveiled, the customer’s executives were blown away by its possibilities, functionalities and appearance, which were unprecedented and a true revolution in the insurance industry! In addition to proving to be an unprecedented collaborative technological advance for the insurance industry, this case management software enabled another company to take a real leap into the future… like going from Windows 98 to Windows 12 in a single click!