BeWave Redefines Movable Wall System Technology with Robotic Partner

It’s no secret that BeWave loves to build human relationships with its customers. But did you know that we’ve also managed to make friends with… a robot? Yes, it’s all thanks to one of our loyal business partners, who designs, develops, and manufactures movable partition systems.

Meet our Robotic Ally: Transforming Movable Partition Manufacturing

With a vision of being a technologically advanced organization, this company naturally turned to BeWave when the time came to implement an integrated system tailored to its needs. This interface first had to be able to manage customer order information and then forward it to the plant’s robot, specially dedicated to this task.

The Synergy of Human Ingenuity and Robotic Precision

Meticulous, fast, efficient and able to lift considerable loads, this robot is particularly ingenious… and always in a good mood! It carefully prepares and assembles customer orders, which are then dispatched to them within a very short time.

Introducing the BeWave Controller: a Tailor-Made Technological Marvel

Created in close collaboration with our customer’s technical director and IT systems manager, the BeWave machine interface known as the “controller” was configured to link the company’s control system to its robot, taking several factors into consideration. What’s more, should a failure occur, the controller can be used manually to perform tasks while the system recovers.

Journey to Technological Excellence: Optimizing Order Processing and Delivery

The aim of this ambitious project was to speed up the order processing and delivery process, and thus improve performance. It also required a reliable, flexible solution that could adapt to customer requirements via a central control point. Thanks to a custom-designed interface and the integration of new technologies, BeWave succeeded in creating an innovative system in less than 3 months. What’s more, after several years in service, this solution is still working like a charm, and remains at the cutting edge of technology!