Revolutionizing ERP Solutions for the Trophy and Awards Industry

Assisting our clients on their technological journey, steering them towards the most pertinent solutions tailored to their needs, is a daily point of pride for our expert team at BeWave. This pride was evident when a key player in the trophy and awards industry sought our assistance in modernizing their ERP system, transitioning from a closed to an open system, fully embracing today’s technologies and preparing for tomorrow (Web, Mobile and AI). The primary aim was to tackle challenges in inventory management, orders, and invoicing.

Our client, specializing in software and IT solutions for the trophy and awards sector, aimed to revamp and enrich an existing ERP system to align with current customer demands and incorporate new technologies.

With this objective in mind, our client engaged BeWave’s expertise in outsourcing to overhaul the ERP. Originally coded in ACCESS, the system lacked security, interoperability with other technologies, and featured outdated user interfaces.

Confronted with this challenge, BeWave’s team embarked on assisting our client in achieving their goals by adopting a web service-based information access protocol. This approach ensures the application doesn’t directly access the database; instead, the Web service does, meeting all client expectations. This strategy significantly enhances security, enables integration with new technologies, and provides access to modern, user-friendly interfaces while introducing new functionalities.

Benefits of the BeWave Solution

One of the client’s primary objectives was to create a marketable application. The overarching goal was to implement an ERP capable of managing the entire business process, from order placement to shipping, while integrating the latest communication tools. With this solution, our client gains a multi-platform system, ensuring compatibility across various platforms. This choice sets the stage for developing web and mobile versions of the ERP in subsequent phases, a project BeWave has already been enlisted to undertake. Overall, BeWave proved instrumental in facilitating the rapid development of a marketable system, incorporating numerous modules such as customer management, order processing, billing, supplier management, task allocation, messaging, accounting, user administration, security, and configuration management. This architecture empowers our client to engage across their customers’ diverse platforms while fully addressing their requirements.

BeWave's Collaboration Approach and Methodology

Furthermore, BeWave advised our client to document the application, mitigating investor risk and facilitating future development. Our client appreciated this proactive approach and endorsed its execution, acknowledging the depth of a true partnership.

Moreover, BeWave’s development and project management methodology ensured a seamless experience for our client, delivering on time and within budget.

From conceptualization to project completion, BeWave supported our client in crafting an innovative system, firmly rooted in technological advancements and tailored to their specific needs.