Technological Revolution in the Food Industry: BeWave's Case Study

At BeWave, we like to contribute to our clients’ growth… and they give us back! The proof? One of our loyal business partners recently turned to us to develop a system aimed at significantly improving the process between taking orders over the phone and delivering their products.

Operating in the agri-food sector for over 60 years, this client has carved out a place for itself among the leaders in pork production, both in the retail and export markets. Its activities include hog breeding, cutting and processing (via its own plants), as well as grains for animal feed and transport. The company’s vision? To establish an integrated production model and control every stage of production by surrounding ourselves with only the best!

A Strategic Partnership for Agri-Food Innovation

It was with this in mind that this client called on BeWave’s services to improve its productivity. Because, contrary to what some may still think, the agri-food industry is evolving at the same pace as technology, and the “gentlemen farmers” of yesteryear have long since metamorphosed into businessmen!

Tradition and Technology: a Strategic Balance

To meet the client’s needs, the BeWave team could have simply created a website to manage feed orders with a single click. However, we were well aware that the new generation had moved on to other things in terms of technology, with almost everyone now owning a smartphone… and very few a mobile phone! So it was only natural to propose another innovative idea to our partner: to develop a Mobile Application that would set him apart from the competition.

A Technological Challenge: Adapting to the AS/400 System

One challenge remained, however, and that was to design a Mobile Application compatible with the AS/400 system already in place. Once again, the project had to be transformed into a Web Service, to connect the two platforms and visualize data from both internal and customer sources in real time.

Thanks to its flexibility, this Web-Service was also to offer the company the opportunity to transform its architecture and make continuous improvements. To achieve this, its employees needed to be properly trained to modify the platform according to their needs and experiences. In this way, the company would be able to continue evolving the project to improve efficiency, reduce operating costs and offer impeccable customer service.

Design of an Intuitive Mobile Application

In less than three months, the BeWave team went from the client’s idea of launching a simple website to developing an innovative solution, all the while scrupulously respecting the established budget. By leveraging 4 of our 5 services (i.e. Custom Interface Creation, integration of new technologies as well as Web and Mobile Applications), we were able to quickly meet the company’s expectations with an application that was as easy to use for its employees as it was for its customers.

BeWave: A Partner in Technological Growth

As irrefutable proof of the project’s success, the Mobile Application (available in particular on the App Store) was already processing 25% of online orders just three weeks after its implementation! But this is far from the end of the story, as the company has set itself the goal of eventually achieving 80% utilization of this platform for order processing. In the wake of yet another solid success, BeWave has a host of other ideas in mind to support its valued client in its technological development and write further chapters in this fruitful collaboration.