Custom Interface

Project 1

Automate support for the bereaved

A leading funeral services company, known for its family-friendly approach, asked BeWave to design and develop a personalized display system that provides advice and support to the family and loved ones of the deceased.

Client Challenge

Existing solutions on the market represented an annual cost of $50,000, hence the need for a customized system based on open-source technologies, eliminating future annual expenses. The challenge was to centrally manage 15 to 25 screens per building.


The funeral complex simultaneously cares for several people at risk, requiring effective support for families during this difficult period. The customer envisioned a system where screens at the entrance would provide directions, screens near specific rooms would confirm arrival and display schedules, while photos and videos of the deceased would accompany families throughout the complex.

BeWave Solution

Using affordable Raspberry Pi devices ($30 each) equipped with HDMI output, SD memory cards and network interfaces, BeWave developed a custom display application in Python. The application runs on these devices and connects to a central server that contains all information about the deceased and manages display schedules for the shows.


Instead of spending $50,000 a year, the customer pays $50,000 one time for the complete solution. This customized system offers unlimited scalability, seamlessly guiding visitors through different rooms and buildings. It sets a new standard for funeral services, enhancing the overall experience without recurring costs.