Custom Interface

Project 2

The art of making a robot more efficient... and happier at work!

To stay at the cutting edge of technology, a company involved in the design and manufacture of movable partition systems, was looking to set up a production control unit that would feed itself from orders, to give the right instructions to the robot in its factory.

Client’s Challenge

To create an interface capable of managing customer order information and transmit it to the factory’s robot, specially dedicated to manufacturing the products. And yes, we mustn’t forget to make the robot more satisfied than ever with its working conditions!


The customer wanted to speed up the order processing and delivery process, and thus increase efficiency and profitability. Secondly, the system had to communicate with the factory robot that processes customer orders, which are then dispatched to them within a short timeframe. All this while remaining at the cutting edge of technology and setting itself apart from the competition.

BeWave Solution

Thanks to a custom-designed machine interface and the integration of new technologies, BeWave succeeded in creating an innovative and efficient system in less than 3 months.

Called the “controller”, the BeWave machine interface was configured to link the company’s control system to its robot. In addition, Bewave had the idea of adding a manual mode to power the robot in the event of a control system failure, enabling production to continue.

As factory automation becomes increasingly widespread, this solution can easily be easily adapt to the specific needs of all types of companies, and to their existing integrated communication systems already in place to facilitate processes.


After several years in service, the reliability of the Bewave solution has been proven, not only because it continues to work optimally, but also because it has enabled the company to maximize its efficiency and simplify the daily lives of its employees and its loyal order robot.