Custom Interface

Project 3

From a closed ERP to a modern ERP

A company specializing in the development of software and IT solutions for the trophy and awards industry, called on BeWave’s outsourcing services to rewrite and enhance an existing ERP with the aim of meeting new customer needs and opening it up to new technologies. An ERP that would manage a company’s processes, from customer orders to shipping, while integrating the most modern communication tools.

Client’s Challenges

Being originally written in the ACCESS language, it is not secure, does not allow connectivity with new technologies, and has outdated user interfaces. The customer wanted to rewrite its ERP in a language addressing these three major shortcomings, while adding new functionalities.


BeWave Solution

Based on the existing interfaces of the client’s previous ERP, and on the customer’s recommendations, BeWave set about the task of rewriting the application. The old ACCESS system had direct access to the database. In terms of IT security, this is not a good idea. For this reason, BeWave has implemented an information access protocol based on web service technology.  With this method, the application will not have direct access to the database, but rather the web service will have access, while meeting all the client’s expectations.

Throughout the development process, BeWave recommended that the customer document the application in order to reduce his risk as an investor, and to be able to resume development at the desired time. The client agreed with this recommendation.

What’s more, the development and project management methodology implemented by BeWave enabled the client to enjoy a smooth experience on time and on budget.


The advantage of this solution is that it offers the possibility of being multi-platform. In other words, the system is open to any other platform, while remaining secure.  Basically, the customer has an ERP made up of modules (customers, orders, inventory, invoicing, suppliers, tasks, messaging, accounting, users, security and parameterization) and modern interfaces that can adapt to future needs and in turn satisfy its customers as required.

The application is in beta version and is being tested with several existing customers. The client has noticed a marked interest that exceeds its expectations. The response was strong enough for them to want BeWave to develop a Web and mobile version. A satisfied on-going customer.