Technology Integration

Project 1

Revolutionizing barcode scanning in warehouses: seamless integration of Web pages

A new client renowned for its charcuterie, cold cuts and hotdogs called on BeWave to link the warehouse with Sage X3 ERP. Using a wireless link and a mobile application for barcode scanners? BeWave exceeded expectations.

Client Challenge

Manage inventory in real time with wireless barcode scanners, install WIFI terminals throughout the building, choose appropriate barcode scanners (Windows CE or Android) and develop an effective mobile application. The application must enable the operational mode to be selected, items to be scanned and data to be transmitted to Sage X3 via the API.


The client wants advice on choosing a barcode scanner for effective communication. He wants to develop a specific mobile application for these scanners and find the best way to deploy future versions on all devices. Integration with SAGE X3 and smooth operation are paramount. Final application and code delivery are expected.

BeWave Solution

BeWave’s solution was both revolutionary and simplistic, as the best solutions often are. A simple internal website in C#.NET!


The choice of device no longer matters. Users open a web page, select modes, and submit data to Sage X3 each time they scan.

Automatic loading of the web page ensures that devices have the latest version of the application.

The existing team quickly adapted to the familiar Microsoft development tools and C#.NET code.

Within three months, the barcode scanners had been purchased, the web service implemented, and the warehouse was tracking stock in real time, one sausage at a time!