Web Applications

Project 1


An app that positions our client ahead of the competition.

Client Challenge

Create a web application that would allow a company in the security industry to manage schedules and billing for its thousands of employees around the world.


The client asked us to create an application with the technologies of tomorrow, specifically to be 2 to 3 years ahead of the market in order to take precedence over the competition.

Through use of the app, simplify management of complex scheduling and staffing challenges on thousands of simultaneous contracts in a centralized interface.

BeWave Solution

Going beyond expectations, we designed a system that can also hold a large amount of personnel management data, allowing the company to stay up to date on any action generated by its employees and its clients. More than 45 consultants were employed to execute this project.


Architectural and technological choices easing the maintenance and training of the technical staff (Python is quite popular).