Web Applications

Project 2

Ensuring real - time collaboration!

In the insurance industry, processing a claim often involves many specialists. BeWave has developed a system for insurance companies that enables several people to work together on the same file in real time.

Client’s challenge

Better collaboration. The company wanted to create a new software solution for managing disability insurance files. They wanted to set themselves apart from the competition and turned to BeWave for help. They wanted a solution that would enable different teams to work together easily and share knowledge on the same file.


A complete solution. The solution had to align with the customer’s brand and support the entire process, from application to payment. It also had to be accessible to all staff, online and in real time, whatever the type of insurance policy.

BeWave Solution

Modern and user-friendly. After careful consideration and analysis of existing options, BeWave and the customer decided to use best-of-breed web tools and the Big Data approach. They built the solution in the AWS cloud using Kubernetes, creating a modern application with a user-friendly interface based on Google Material Design. They used
the latest technologies such as Node.js, Vue.js, Express/Feathers.js and to enable multiple people to collaborate in real time on the same document, following the example of Google Workspace and Microsoft 365.


Improved collaboration and efficiency. Teams can now work together on the same file inreal time, regardless of their location. This reduces processing time and errors that can occur when working in separate silos with outdated data. This software brings a revolutionary collaborative advance to the insurance industry and propels the sector into the future, as if we were moving from telegram to telephone with a single click!