Technology Integration

Project 2

Switch from phone to web self-service... with a single click!

Victim of its own success, an agri-food company in the pork production sector needed to adapt quickly to demand. To achieve this, it wanted its customers to be able to fill their grain silos without waiting, via a new self-service order-taking website rather than by telephone.

Client’s Challenge

To create a website enabling customers to order and schedule feed delivery. As the information had to be transmitted to an AS/400 system that didn’t offer this functionality, it was essential to integrate new technologies that would link a central processing unit to the web user.


BeWave Solution

In less than three months, the BeWave team worked their brains (and thumbs!) out to develop an optimal solution, within the customer’s budget. With our well-established way of doing things, we first assessed the customer’s existing systems, the market in which it operates and its needs, before undertaking a highly collaborative approach to deliver an innovative solution adapted to its reality, processes, and environment.

After many convivial exchanges, the project evolved greatly, from the initial idea of a simple website to our proposal to develop an integrated mobile application. The latter is more in line with current trends for rapid access to information (and at your fingertips!) and with the reality of the new generation.

At the end of the process, we proposed to continue supporting the customer by training their employees so that they would quickly become autonomous with the new system. This approach saved the company a considerable amount of money and enabled its employees to adopt the web service in no time!


Barely three weeks after implementation, the mobile application was already processing 25% of online orders… and keeping the customer service phone ringing! Employees were spared routine, repetitive tasks, while adding value to the business. What’s more, the existing team is now autonomous, and continues to develop the application and the functionalities offered to customers, according to their needs.